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Note this is the last info received from Nigel - Hoping to return early October2018 but depends on how my leg responds to antibiotics for cellulitis, so unable to give anything firm

Rehearsal schedule March April May 2018

Extract from email 17th April 2018

Dear In Harmony Members,

As you are well aware I have had an ‘annus horribilis’ with regard to my recent health matters. Thank you for bearing with me during this time. However, I’m afraid matters just got worse! Following my recent visit to the UK, and tests I had there, I am sorry to report that I have been diagnosed with cancer - under my conducting arm!

As a result I have to return to the UK this weekend for more tests before receiving appropriate treatment. Having done lots of jiggling with very co-operative NHS personnel, I can confirm that I WILL be conducting the 13th May concert - although I may miss the odd rehearsal. Philip has kindly agreed to supervise any rehearsal I may miss, and will play through the programme as normal as though I was there (a lot of you don’t watch anyway, so it won’t be that different).

I feel it is the right thing to tell you all the true situation, and to appeal to you all to attend all the rehearsals - whoever takes them. Also this unpleasant news should come to you direct ‘from the horse’s mouth’ so as to cut out any misinformation that can often accompany such announcements.

So PLEASE keep selling your tickets. If you run out and I’m not there, you can always get some from La Ponderosa. Please try your best - particularly if I’m not here for an odd rehearsal to push sales - so we have a good crowd on the day.

With every good wish,


With me having changed so many things recently due to my enforced trips to the UK for medical reasons, and in regard of the now amalgamated concert on Sunday 13th May, I felt I should put down in writing the dates of any remaining rehearsals for both choirs ... leaving it quite clear when we will and will not rehearse. Here goes:-
Monday 19th March In Harmony rehearsal
Thursday 22nd March Male Voice Choir rehearsal
Then no rehearsals for either choir until ...........
Monday 9th April In Harmony rehearsal
Thursday 12th April Male Voice rehearsal
Monday 16th April In Harmony rehearsal
Thursday 19th April Male Voice rehearsal
Monday 23rd April In Harmony rehearsal
Thursday 26th April NO Male Voice rehearsal
TUESDAY 1st May In Harmony rehearsal (Note: NOT Monday)
Thursday 3rd May Male Voice rehearsal
Monday 7th May In Harmony rehearsal
Thursday 10th May Male Voice rehearsal
SUNDAY 13th May CONCERT 7.30pm
I apologise again for any inconvenience the above may cause to singers, and appreciate your co-operation fitting in with my personal needs. May I urge ALL of you to use your best efforts in selling tickets to our concert